you don't have to do it alone

let's touchbase

We, TCTLE (“tac • tile”), are building an online community for creative women of color where we can help each other grow. Let's get together to share resources, advice, encouragement, GIFs and more.

what if you had a place to go that had people who understood?

Trying to earn as a creative can be challenging and sometimes it feels lonely doing it as a WOC. There are so many of us though, so let's all get together in once space and help each other win.

what's included (besides community)


Access to a private Slack group with other WOC makers like you.


Exclusive discounts to art classes and in-person TCTLE meetups.


Free access to view our paid WOC Maker Directories.

ready to make connections?


Membership is $5/month but billed at $60/ year.